Storage Solutions

ELT Systems Group offers a wide variety of storage solutions. From pallet racking to automated storage systems we have you covered.

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Transporting boxes and pallets are part of your every day process. Let us make it easier by designing and installing a conveyor system for your product.

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Engineering Services

Our in-house engineering utilizes both 2D and 3D engineering platforms to turn your thoughts into reality.

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Rack Protectors

Rack damage can put your employees in danger. We offer a wide array of rack repair and protection services.

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Storage Tanks

Stainless steel storage and mixing tanks are just some examples of the sanitary production equipment that we offer.

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Project Gallery

Take a tour that includes some of our completed projects in the past couple of years.

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We offer a wide array of Vertical Lift Modules and Carousels to fit your product needs. From garments, to tires and small parts, we have a unit to fit your facility and material needs.

Automated Vertical Lift Modules (VLM's) -

For over 50 years Avenger Vertical Carousel users around the world have been satisfied with their storage unit versatility! Every carrier/shelf can be configured uniquely to meet specific inventory and application requirements. For example, roll out drawers, varied height shelves and partitions can be designed to maximize height and productivity and meet specific application requirements. From stand alone work stations to integrated work zones, the Avenger Vertical Carousel provides amazing results.

Automated Vertical Lift Modules (VLM’s)

Case AS/RS Units -

The C-AS/RS, "Carousel - Automated Storage and Retrieval System", delivers high-density storage along with labor savings "goods to man" operations, and does this without the large budget. Workstation(s) receive totes and cases for order picking, consolidation or replenishment, and because of the C-AS/RS's design, in a very efficient manner. The workstation operator then has a line of available totes filled with inventory in their queue which they can quickly pick and place according to the integrated pick to light system.

Case AS/RS Units

Hornet Horizontal Carousel -

The Hornet™ Horizontal Carousel has decades of satisfied users around the world! The Hornet Horizontal Carousel is a series of bins (shelving) attached to an oval track that rotates on demand to the operator in the workstation. The carousel system can be configured as stand alone rotating shelving to integrated pods, to meet every organizations space, productivity and budgetary requirements.

Hornet Horizontal Carousel

Mini-Avenger Portable Cart System -

Portable High Density Vertical Storage & Retrieval System The Mini-Avenger™ Vertical Carousel is small enough and lite enough to be portable and designed to move through standard offices and buildings halls and doorways to the point of use. Change locations hourly, daily, weekly... total portability... just plug and spin.

Mini-Avenger Portable Cart System