Storage Solutions

ELT Systems Group offers a wide variety of storage solutions. From pallet racking to automated storage systems we have you covered.

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Transporting boxes and pallets are part of your every day process. Let us make it easier by designing and installing a conveyor system for your product.

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Engineering Services

Our in-house engineering utilizes both 2D and 3D engineering platforms to turn your thoughts into reality.

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Rack Protectors

Rack damage can put your employees in danger. We offer a wide array of rack repair and protection services.

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Storage Tanks

Stainless steel storage and mixing tanks are just some examples of the sanitary production equipment that we offer.

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Project Gallery

Take a tour that includes some of our completed projects in the past couple of years.

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ELT Systems Group, in PA, NJ, NY, DE and MD, partners with the top material handling manufacturers in the world, this allows us to provide our clients with the most up-to-date and quality products on the market. With decades of experience in the material handling world, our in-house engineering can provide you with the most efficient way to handle and store your products within your warehouse and/or production space.

Selective Roll Formed & Structural Pallet Racking -

    Selective Pallet Racking is the most versatile racking on the market today. It offers the most selectivity for layouts and can handle a wide variety of products. Whether you are handling palletized loads, rolled goods or odd shaped items, we can design a selective pallet rack system to fit your needs.

    Selective Racking

    Push Back Rack System -

    Made for high-density storage with low maintenance and product versatility, Push Back Racking has become one of the most popular ways to store palletized loads. If you have limited space and do not need to follow FIFO protocol, this system may be a great fit.

    Push Rack

    Drive-In / Drive-Thru -

    Drive-In / Drive-Thru Pallet Rack is ideal for stocking large quantities of the same product size. It can reduce overall square footage requirements by 35% or more compared to a standard Selective Rack configuration.

    Drive Rack

    Cantilever -

    Cantilever Rack is the optimal storage solution for long or bulky items such as furniture, lumber, tubing, textiles and piping. Cantilever Rack is available in both roll formed and structural steel designs.


    Carton Flow -

    Carton Flow systems separate picking and stocking aisles for full cartons and split cases to save up to 75% of labor costs, compared to a static storage solution. Made up of highly inclined wheel and roller platforms, the foods are deposited at one end to slide safety and gradually down to the picking aisle.

    Carton Flow